Star Wars YouTube Channel

HelloGreedo is an all-things Star Wars YouTube Channel, created in September of 2011. HelloGreedo specializes in Star Wars parody, news, reviews, and is primarily known for its ‘changes’ series that point out the special edition changes found within the re-released versions of the original Star Wars films.

The HelloGreedo YouTube Channel thrives and grows due to a loyal and committed fan-base. The HelloGreedo Facebook page offers a constant stream of Star Wars information, and has become a community for like-minded Star Wars fans to start dialogues, debates, share pictures, news, and more. Join up and stay tuned!

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Signed & Personalized 11×17 Posters!

Unfortunately, due to Square’s regional limitations, I will not be able to ship posters outside of the United States. This poster was made as an April Fools joke, and I liked it too much to not do anything with the design. Including shipping, each poster is $20! I will sign and personalize your poster using white poster pen. Quantities are very limited, and I’m not sure if I will do another run of this design. Click the button below if you’re interested!

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